Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Play Day at my SILs House

My parents came from NV for a visit and to see the place we have up on Mt. Hamilton. It was a good visit.

We stayed over night on the mountain and didn't freeze. I cooked and prepared all the food ahead so nobody had to do anything and we ate well.

Joseph showed his pellet gun targets ans his tractor driving prowess.

At one point he paused and yawned like a bear. Grandmother asked him if he was tired. "No." he replied. I added that no, he is not tired,
"That's a teenager, sucking the life out of you."

We took a drive up to the top to visit the James Lick Observatory.

You can see a lot form up there.

We went to the lecture on the history of the observatory and Jmaes Lick, who is buried in a tomb at the base of the big scope. At the end of the lecture, the docent asked
"Are there any questions?"

Grandmother raised her hand.
"Yes?" She pointed to a black cat that had just wandered in:
"Is that your cat?"

Each year at Halloween, I have sent my Atlantic Coast nephews a Halloween Box. It's easier and more fun for me than remembering birthdays. My sister-in-law tells me it has been fun for them too.

This year a threesome of life sized rubber toddlers and four big spiders with plastic hair.

This is the ninth or tenth year I have done this. I think this will be the last. They are getting old enough that the Halloween Box will become cheesy, another indication that they have an eccentric Aunt way out in California.

It's been a great tradition, maybe one they will remember on Halloween for a long time.


Diane Walton said...

I am the East Coast Sister in Law and the recipient of the Halloween delights. This year (as you can see in the photos) the Halloween scaries were pretty freaky. My husband and I were not fond of seeing the babies but the boys thought they were cool and set them up on the kitchen table. After two day of coming home from work and seeing scary babies on the kitchen table, he threw them in the laundry room. I called Dave and told him the boys were very thankful but I was scared. This year I have tried to rid our house of some of the extra "stuff". The Halloween is stored in Jared's clost. He insists it stays there-he wants it. Maybe an eccentric aunt on the west coast is more fun than their Eat coast closet cleaning Mom!

Mike said...

Mike says "HI!" How was Boston and when are you coming to stay with us for awhile???
Justin, Jared and Cole miss you!!!!

Breathe said...

Oh, I love those scary toddlers. If they need a new home, send them this way! LOL

Keep those weird halloween boxes going - my nephews still want me to send them comic books and they are in their 20s. I foolishly stopped when they were in their teens.