Sunday, October 25, 2009

Free Time

I do not have a job where I have to punch in and punch out, get performance reviews of a paycheck. Therefore, I have more free time. You get what you pay for. That means my time is worthless.

Batik season wants to be wrapped up for the summer, but there are more projects I want to do! The hot wax releases toxic fumes and some of the chemicals are not healthy either, so I do it outside where the ventilation is optimal. But in the rain, it won't work, and if the fabric is too cold, the wax won't penetrate well.

The finished projects are washed free of the icky stuff, BTW. I am washing all the projects now.

Ebay lets you list 5 items free each month, so I have been busy writing listings for primitive sweatshirts. I use the sellername Doublecatbatik so you can find them by that.

Dave has been building a deck. He carved a path with steps out of a deer trail. Joseph helped when he couldn't get out of it. He needs to build a rail, then he's going to put his hammock on it.

He also needs to plunge the toilet. That should have higher priority than the deck rail, but it doesn't. See, he has a job with a paycheck, so his free time has more value than mine.

Life at home with only one toilet good for pooping has been hard. See, not everybody here is conscientious about putting more TP out when the roll is empty. Especially if it is the last roll and they have to go out to the garage for more. It is more likely to be nabbed from the other bathroom. Then both bathrooms are out. It has become painfully apparent that not all users care if there is no paper on the roll. Life goes on. Unless you are on the only pooping toilet. Then those people have to hope they are not home alone.

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