Thursday, October 29, 2009

Good Fluffy Pet

Silver, my "good fluffy pet" is really bossy and opinionated, and much more interesting that way!

She gave me a scare last night. I gave her fresh spinach, new timothy hay pellets and new hay, then I went for a shower. After that, I came back to have some bunny sling and cuddle time. She was just sitting in a meatloaf. Not moving. She had not eaten anything. I put her in the sling on my neck. I feared colic and gastric stasis. Gastric stasis is often fatal. I would need to check on her through the night, get her to the vet first thing in the morning.

She did not want sling for long. Petting, just petting. Endless petting. She kept moving further under my hand for more petting, ending up leaning hard on my left hand while I stroked her ears with my right. Then, abruptly, she went over and began to eat hay. Then she had dome spinach, then some pellets.

It was not colic or gastric stasis. It was loneliness. Which is worse?

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