Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What color is the rabbit supposed to be?

Where should I put the rabbit and what color should it be? Not a dutch belted, to challenging! White seemed to eastery, black too dark. I got out all my browns. This is the lightest.

It is too dark. Maybe grey? I got a piece of rag wool sweater. No. too dull, blends it too much. Well, I could use a variegated grey and sandwich it in with white, and make chenille.

I could select parts of the grey that I want for different parts of the rabbit, depending on value, and sandwich that into the chenille! Great idea! No, lint lint lint, and lots of work. So the rabbit will be white.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Denim? Does it have to be a natural rabbit color?

Cara said...

It's a very good idea. I kind of wanted a normal rabbit color. With found-fiber collage, you can't get it to be totally accurate, but too catoony would not really work for the mood I wanted. But your thoughts add to the mental data base. I just read that collage artists are pack rats for stuff. Ideas count as stuff.