Monday, October 20, 2008

The City and the Horses

I almost got a lot done this weekend. There were some snags, but it was pretty good.

I got all my pictures saved onto disc so I could delete Photoshop and reload it. It was having problems uploading new photos. After I got all the photos out of it, I tested it and it was fine. Must have been something in one of the photos.

As some of you know, I share my sewing room with Mary Shelley and Whiskers litter box. The litter box cleaning is Dave's job. If I do it even once, it will become my job, so I can't do it. If it gets gross, I don't say anything. I don't nag. If it gets gross, whiskers poops somewhere else. If I clean it up, it isnt a problem when the litter box gets gross. If Dave cleans it up, litter box maintenance gets vigorously renewed. This is the system.

So there was a stink in there. And...there was poop under the table. I ignored the poop. Dave came in to see what I was working on(bug me). He said it was stinky in here. I replied:
"Yeah, I kind of noticed."
He said: "There's poop under the table."
"That would explain the smell."
"What's it doing under there?" Dumb question.
"Sitting there emitting odor." Well, you asked.

I got an email from a musician in NY. He was asking if he could uses my quilt images in his CD cover. He said he couldn't pay me because it wasn't a "paying gig" but that he would credit me and send me a copy of the CD. I said it was OK. His band is called The City And The Horses.

Here is the sweatshirt I made for Lauren. Don't forget you can click on the picture for the McGoo Veiw.

And here is the Rescue Me bunny in progress. I'm not totally happy with it, I may redo some of it. But it may get better as I work on it. This one is taking way longer than any other!

I've got it attached the the shirt already, so taking it off totally is not possible. I put these things on to STAY!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That horse shirt is adorable.

And you totally had me cracking up with the kitty poop conversation!

You are brilliant!


heather said...

HAHAHAHAH...oh my! This is a great idea! I share my craft room with the litter box, too. Right now, it is so bad I brought all my supplies into the living room to work! What a mess! :)

Melanie said...

Your husband sounds like my husband...I am so!!!

How cool that a music group wants to use your design for their CD cover????
When you are a famous artiste, please remember me...teeheehee!!!

IamRockinHorse said...

Cara, you have been "ghosted". Visit my blog at: for details. ;)

PS- I enjoy reading your blog although I don't often comment.