Saturday, October 04, 2008

Birthday Present.

Dave's Birthday is tomorrow. The cards and gifts have been arriving in the mail. My sister sent something perishable and tasty. It arrived packed in dry ice. The way these guys handle it, the dry ice is a big part of the present!
Joseph still has his Scout uniform on in these pictures. He was at the supermarket selling popcorn for his troop. Friday Night is a good night for popcorn sales. Two scouts did $300 in 3 hours!

I finished up two sweatshirts. I have to photoshop the pictures. I took many, with different levels of flash and different close-ups. Now I have to pick out the best ones and crop them. The last shirt is done with dying, I hope, and is rinsing now. If I don't like it, I may dye it again.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

How cool is that?!
Happy Birthday!!

I just trotted over here to tell you thanks for the wonderfully supportive and kind comments you left for me on my blog, concerning my son's injury.
It is much appreciated :)

Take Care,

Melanie said...

...I was going to say that my hubby and kids would probably have loved playing with that dry ice as!!!

Was the drink/concoction yummy?

...and 'happy birthday' to your husband! :)