Saturday, July 08, 2006

Wall Eyed

Here is my design wall showing further progress.
This one turns out to be pretty tricky to get the right pieces in the right places. If you know what to look for, you can see some mistakes in this picture that I had to go back and fix.
It's actually a lot further along than this, but I haven't been posting the pictures because of many things, like

--Getting Shanghai- into marching in the 4th of July parade

--Someone else using our computer to actually MAKE money

--Going back and fixing more mistakes in this quilt than the picture shows

--Being Owner/Operator of Mom's Taxi Co., a not-for-profit organization

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Oh Yeah, and Wall Eyed, in a horse, is a blaze or white marking big enough to include an eye and turn it blue. I had a horse like this(good ol' Frix), and it takes getting used to. Horses have horizontal pupils, like goats, but usually you don't see them because the eyes have a lot of dark brown pigmentation.
You still can't tell what they are looking at from the eyes, the ears tell all. They can be paying attention to two different things and have an ear swivelled toward each. I guess not having a corpus colosum has benefits.

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