Monday, July 17, 2006

Nancy's Quilt Progress

here it is in a further stage of progress. It is still a little further than this picture shows. It has a border and a machine quilting flange. The flange is a temporary piece of fabric to made it easer to quilt the edges. I will be removed before binding. The binding is selected, but not cut yet.
I had a quilt top from Community Quilts to quilt first. I have not machine quilted in a while and the community quilts piece will help me get my sea legs back.

Janow remains his peachy self and I love him dearly. I'm reaching him to bow, against my better judgment. Everyday I give him a bite of carrot and hold it behind his knee so he has to reach back to get it. I have been doing it in his stall, so he wouldn't anticipate and molest me at other times and places. Right now it is making it hard to clean his stall. Nothing like being in a 12x12 room with a 900 pound pirate who wants 4 grams of carrot that you happen to have in your hand. I guess I need to move this activity to the paddock.

Joseph went to a birthday party as Raging Waters waterslide park yesterday from 10:30 until 5:00. Dave thought this was a long time to be at Raging Waters. Joseph didn't. He had a blast. He knew a lot of kids at the party, and he met some kids he had met at last week's rock climbing camp.

Paula and Chicka pretty mush know their jobs by now. When they have been out long enough and you go out to get them, first you check the food and water in the coop, then get the chickens. They are very likley to go in by themselves while you are fixing the food and water. In August, we will have to add a nesting box to the coop.

I have been looking half heartedly for a Creative Memories consultant to do little informals at The Little Table. So far, no lick. I looked a little bit into stamping up but them heed a water supply and that will not be good. The cafe has is, but it is for food.

Ideas are welcome in the comments section here.

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