Monday, July 24, 2006

Too Hot

It's been too hot to do much. The computer overheats during the day. Can't use it much. Yesterday Joseph and I went to see the movie Cars, just to be out of the heat. We went to McDonald's for lunch, but it was hot and crowded in there, so we went back to the maul to the food court and it was hot and crowded there too. We had lamb curry and then went back to see another movie: Monster House.

Last week was Cub Scout Camp at Lake Cunningham. That was hot, but not as hot as this weekend. He caught a summer cold, but pulled through to win the Den One 1st place and the Webelos (4th and 5th grade) first place in both BB Guns and Archery. Friday night he developed pink eye and we were on the phone and to the pharmacy within an hour getting eye drops.

Ferm went to the vet on Saturday with lethargy, it doesn't look so good for him, then I spent the rest of the day in bed with a migraine.

There was a grass fire started by heat near Ed Levin Park and a lot of people at Indian Hill were worried for their horses. The Dept of Forestry and the fire dept had the road blocked so you couldn't get to the barn anyway. The only people who could do anything were the people who were already there. The helicopters got the fire out before it got close to the barn. Sunday morning there was still some smoldering. Driving past it was enough to embed the smell into the car for the rest of the day.

Well, Ferm is howling over a fur mouse, so he must be feeling better.

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