Thursday, April 27, 2006

Design wall

Here are some of the sweatshirts I am working on for the Country Store at the Legacies of Love Quilt Show in May.

My neck feels better today. Sunday, I was tying blocks of wood near the ceiling in Janow's stall for swallows to nest on. Last fall, all the stalls were rebuilt and the new ones don't have any ledges for swallows to nest on, but the same swallows came back to nest in the same place they always have.

They seemed pretty upset, so I scrounged some wood pieces to hang as nesting ledges. Tying them up near the ceiling just about killed my neck, but I got three up. Yesterday, the birds were definitely checking them out, though I could not see any nest building evidence. I will keep watch.

Chica and Paula are growing fast! They hate to be out of site of one another. Chica, the Brahma, is supposed to be the better breed for human freindship, but, while she began as the easiest one to handle, she hasnt inproved much. Paula, the Plymouth Rock, has changed a lot. I can hold her surrounded by my hands and she will fall asleep, all the while Chica chirping fantically. Chica is a real chatterbox.

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