Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Great Boom

This is for the very freindly members of Ebay **Quilters Garden** Guild who invited me to join thier group.
My Husband and my son, then age 6 or 7, were watching a NOVA show on TV. The show was about the origins of the universe. My husband said to my son "Now you'll know more about the Great Bang than the rest of your class!"
This was wrong. it's not the Great Bang, it's the Big Bang. Of course, anybody who knows me knows I just can't correct him, or leave it be. I never pass up a chance to be a wise acre. So I said "Don't you mean Great Boom?" This is even wronger! (Not a real word, but it fits.) Then I left him to ponder the problem.
It was the perfect name for this quilt.
I remember that the top was not exactly flat. In some places, it was not even remotely flat! So I ironed it until the bump was sticking up like a fin, and then I stitched along the base of the fin and used scissors to remove the flap that stuck up. Boom, it's flat!

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