Saturday, December 31, 2005

Charming Houses Quilt

Here is a quilt that I made for my Sister-n-Law for her birthday. It is Made from 5 inch charms, with pieced houses thrown in. You can see these in my December 13th entry 'Design Wall.'

Traditionally, a charm quilt is made of no-two-alike pieces of fabric. Some of the houses have the same kind of fabric in them, but no two houses are alike.

The back is made from fabric I dyed myself. It is two pieces of fabric sewn together, but I dyed it AFTER I sewed them together, so there is no interruption in the pattern. My December 7th entry 'Quilt Back' shows it bigger.

I can't see the quilting pattern in this picture on my monitor. Maybe you can. It is a Baptist Fan modified with spirals. I used blue thread for the back, which was better than I thought, and varigated rayon for the front.

I like it, so it was hard to put it in a box and mail it far away. At least it's going to someone special. Happy Birthday, Diane!

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M said...

Aaah, these are happy quilts. Sometimes I wish I were a thread for weaving, lost in a colorful Quilt of Seasons.