Thursday, August 23, 2012

Yndi? Hooked? Soon?

Well, Yndi is doing will in her training. Amber wants to set a date when she will be hooked. This is both exiting and scary. Can we do this without Roger? Amber has driving experience, but a while back. Yndi is used to her and in familiar Indian Hill territory. We will probably be fine.

She was funny last time I long lined her. She has a French link looser ring snaffle and she chews chew chew it. She sucks it up and down and gets drooly. Her main problem has been halting with a person behind her. We practice a lot. So.... we were practicing, halt, walk-on, halt, walk-on, chew chew. Sometimes not so good at halt, I said "Stand" and she stopped. Stopped fidgeting, stopped CHEWING! "Walk on" and the chewing resumed. Silly girl.

Two of my batik carrots sold!

I listed these:

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Gail said...

Congratulations! May you sell more.