Thursday, August 30, 2012


I have taken one person to a Dr appointment, and another person to a hair cut, the foot Dr for my new orthotics, a lesson from Amber, the supermarket for a week of groceries, some drama with a Gotland pony far away, the Gotland society and a horse rescue that has questionable ethics. I am pooped.

And the tire. I got the tire set up to drag, and thought I would drag it around while I led Yndi so she would get used to it. She got used to it in mere seconds, but I dragged it further because other people were getting used to it. It was heavy. I dragged it too far, and I nearly died.

I thought Yndi would drag it in the lesson on Wednesday, but no, we worked on leg yield in hand. It was hard. Yndi's bad habit of running me down came back. My foot hurts.

I took some great pictures on Tuesday. Yndi, and Raider the Percheron and Fairy Tale the Gypsy Drum Horse. I can't show them to you. Blogger won't load them. Today, anyway.

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