Monday, May 21, 2012

You Can't Be That Hungry
 Ground driving Yndi up the lane, one of the lines was dragging. When it persisted, I looked back; a squirrel had the end clenched in his teeth. He lost his grip, then ran to catch up and grabbed it again.

 Bad Timing
This morning, Lydia went out right after breakfast, as usual. She was pooping in the grass when the automatic sprinklers came on. Poor girl, she was pooping and walking, pooping an walking.

 Not Really Shunning
Now that the weather is good enough to leave the screen door in the morning, Silver has been passing up morning pets for sitting near the screen, getting air. After a few days of this, she needs lots of petting all at once. The next day; back to the screen.

 I have been working on these.
This just needs it final wash to fray the edges, then a trim.

This one also just needs the final wash.

The first layout. This is where I see how it works, what it needs, before I sew anything on.

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