Thursday, May 24, 2012

A bit of work

Here we are, doing a little bit of stuff in the back outdoor arena. I was going to do some long lining, but someone in the adjacent round pen was working vigorously with a Parelli Carrot Stick and it put Yndi on edge.

If you feel that something is likely to end in disaster, if is sometimes better not to begin I am learning from Amber that taking them to a level of beginning discomfort and bringing them back, taking them there again can teach them that edgy things can happen and they will live. It teaches them how to be brought back.

Yesterday, she worked in a round pen near someone cracking a longe whip. She is making good progress toward figuring out that not all whips are meant for her and can be safely ignored.

Work, for Yndi, is more emotionally taxing than physically hard.

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