Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Yesterday Was Not My Day

So yesterday.....I took the car in for a new tire. Dave hit a rock on Mt. Hamilton Road Saturday and it was flat, huge hole.... Then the alignment.

I took Lydia so we could walk around while I waited. An Jan is across the street, so we could get a pig ear.

It only took 3 hours during my usual Yndi time.She was sniffing in the bushes and came out with a huge lugey stuck to her ear. Someone hawked it up and spit it in the bushes.


I cleaned it off with a Kleenex. When we got home, I cleaned it with soap and wet washrags. As I was wringing out a washrag, I popped a blood vessel in my finger. Within seconds my finger started to swell. Now I have a huge hematoma.


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DKM said...

Time for chocolate.