Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Very Little

I am having a difficult time posting this. I click PUBLISH POST and nothing happens. It's been days now. And there are some really cute Lydia photos.....

Still trying, might have to get Google Chrome. Stupid Explorer 9.

Not much. Not much of any importance anyway. Everything is going like it ought to be, or about as good as we could hope under the circumstances.

National Geographic has a good article on teenage brains.

Time has a good piece on parental favoritism.

I could say I have been busy, that Maggie is a lot of work, that the teen is a lot of work, that the house and winterizing are a lot of work. These things could be true, but not really explain.

The real explanation is stupid, but it's the real one. Playdom City of Wonder. I'm trying to cut down. It's not working. I might have to check in to a rehab facility, one with no wifi.

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The Fab Furs said...

Looks like Lydia is practicing to take out the wifi connection.