Monday, August 15, 2011

Drip Two

Maggie continues to be well. She had a second lesion, near the first, swell and open, draining more discharge. She didn't move away when I poked it, so it doesn't hurt. It's probably just more stuff from an infection that's beaten. Antibiotics continue.

I need to take another picture today. I am out there three times a day to walk her. There should be lots of opportunity. Sometimes, when we are walking, she just touches her nostril to my arm. Very sweet. Janow used to give me nose bumps that almost knocked me down!

Lydia is also well. Dave is frequently amazed that I can tell her to do stuff and she does.

Milpitas High School registration packets can be picked up this week. This has a very ominous feel to it if you are a student, but not if you are a parent!