Thursday, July 21, 2011

There and Back

We have been there and back. There is Derry, NH. I didn't say anything because you are not supposed to make internet announcements about not being home. We had a housesitter anyway.

I went for a walk. Dave said:
"Take lots of pictures." So I did.

Power and phone lines are all above ground.

Japanese invasion.
Woods everywhere. If you don't pull up saplings all the time, you get woods.

Rocks grow here too. You have to keep piling them up. The fire hydrants are red. Until I saw these, I didn't even realize that ours are not.

The Library
The Post Office and the Derry Store minimart.


brad clements said...

thanks for the snapshots of East Derry church and store. I haven't been back to the 'home country' in ages..

Lisa said...

what a nice looking place!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

What a fasinating place. Thanks for the photo tour. Those are some pretty little houses and the rock walls are neat.