Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Smiling On and On

I like the smiling animals, so you guys have to live with the ads a little longer.

The tack swap, looking for items to sell in the tack swap, has lead to more trailer and tack room cleaning that I really wanted. Stuff is going through the washer and there is a lot of white winter hair in the laundry. Not THIS years hair, but hair of years ago.

Janow is even more spider bites. I think it is one of those funnel spiders that live in holes in the ground and he sleeps on the hole. I am waiting on the premise spray to arrive.

Work on Tower 13 continues. I think I can upload some pictures from this computer. This one that is not mine.

My computer is supposed to be running, and it is. The mouse was broken. I have two ports for it and it didn't work in either port. I thought. Then the camera wouldn't work to upload. It uses the same ports. It wouldn't work in either port. I think my mouse is fine. It is in my computer. I think it is a software problem. Dave doesn't.

I am not pushing the software theory. The harder I push it, the more convinced Dave will be that I have to be wrong because he knows more about computers than I do. The more he thinks it can't be what I think it is, the longer he will take to fix it.

Why are women manipulative and cunning to get what they want? Such a question! If men would just do what what they are told..........

Physical Therapy is poopy. I have had 4 visits and the real problem has yet to be tackled. They are working on the secondary problems-- like the ones from limping and the asymmetrical tension from the pain. If you just bail water without fixing the hole in the boat, eventually you will sink. I have mentioned my concerns. One more visit to see if they are being addressed in the treatment plan. If not, I bail and find a new place.

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