Wednesday, June 02, 2010

More Pictures

Here are more pictures of Lookout Tower 13. If you've ever seen The Red Green Show, you may remember that Red's friend Ranger Gordon mans Lookout Tower 13. If you haven't seen it, it's in re-runs a lot on dish and cable. We get fewer stations since we have an antenna on the roof. Who'd have thought they'd figure a way to get TV right out of the air?

I survived the birthday gathering at Golfland. He wanted a more grown up kind of party, just a get together with friends. That's what he got. He was hoping some girls came. Not this year, I'm afraid. Four boys came. They blew through $73 of tokens and pizza in two hours. Everybody got enough to eat and they pooled all the tickets they won and everybody got a Nerf football except for the skinny kid who got candy instead.

Today is the 8th grade trip to Great America. We expect our own personal 8th grader to be home about 4:30-5:00. We expect him to be pooped. Hungery too. Don't forget hungry.

Jane wrote about her wack being out. I can understand the feeling. Here is an example of having my wack out:

I had an analog watch, which I don't like but it was the only kind they had at Target when I got it. I got it because the battery in my old one died and I couldn't find the right kind.

Then the battery in the analog watch died. I couldn't find a battery for that one so I bought another one! The watch and watch band were one piece. I snapped it off after about 3 weeks.

Time again to buy a new watch. No analog watch. No watch and watch band in one piece. All they had in the store that matched those criteria had fabric bands. Perfect at the barn to grow smelly bacteria in. So I thought I'd just buy an extra band for when that one got smelly. They didn't have any watch bands.

I bought a pack of gum and a Diet Pepsi.

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Breathe said...

I'd say those were wise purchases.

Love the tower. What ya watching?