Friday, February 12, 2010

Spring is in the hair.

I have noticed an increased number of comments from "anonymous" that have been solicitations for clicking to websites not affiliated to me in any way. Has anyone else noticed this? Silver's blog has not received any. I have hers set up so that you must type a password to leave a comment, but I don't moderate the comments like I do on this one.

Spring is here, or at least it's acting that way. Even if Punxatony Phil and the calender say otherwise. Dave took this picture of the almond tree in our backyard. We have one almond tree. It produces almonds because their are other almond trees in nearby yards. We don't eat the almonds. The squirrels get them first.

Janow is shedding. Not as gloriously as many other horses at Indian Hill. He started on his ears, then moved to his lower legs, then, yesterday, the upper legs and chest. It moves, like the leaf change in New Hampshire begins in the north and moves south. I noticed that the dashboard of the car has a layer of white hair, but I believe it is hair from a previous shed.

You can see how long the hair is behind his knee. I am tempted to save it and sell it to a wig maker. It's not so clean. In the morning, dew collects in little droplets on each hair. Then dust sticks to the moisture. Then it dries like concrete. The dust can't stick to in now that it is rainy mud season, but it's really hard to get off.

Janow is still stuck in his stall because of the mud. If he went out in his paddock he would sink in too far. He doesn't like being stuck in.

Tuesday, I rode him around the ranch for over an hour, mostly walking, of course. I did it again yesterday. It has been years since I could ride this long! Maybe we'll make it to the trails in Ed Levin this summer! I can have Jay ride him out there a few times so he can get used to going out and not endanger my fragile butt.

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Breathe said...

I love that - shedding starts North! LOL

Shedding hasn't begun here, at least not that I can tell. Of course our horses don't get so wooly. Janow has nearly gone Gypsy!

Trust me, if you put the word "bust" or "marketing" or anything else, the spammers come a crawling. I hate typing in passwords so don't require it either, but I may have to go to approving all comments.