Sunday, February 21, 2010

"Draw a Picture of Whiskers....Now Draw Silver."

Thursday, I was sharing the Mom's Bench with Dave who is not used to it. He got bored. "I'm bored." Where have I heard that before? Then he said "Draw......" and I did. LOL

Clicking on the pictures gets you the McGoo View.

I have finally decided that this bridle is too small for Janow. He has a big head like George Lopez.

Driving bridles are very strange. It took me a while! The cheek piece buckles in two places, above and below the blinders. The noseband hanger doesn't go over the crown, it buckles into the top buckle of the cheekpiece, under the blinder buckle. You can see in the photo how the noseband strap threads through the buckle above the blinder.

The noseband is too small, maybe. I couldn't get it lower to find out. The throatlatch is too small also.

It's hard to adjust because if you raise the blinder, you also raise the noseband. To lower the noseband, you have to take the blinder strap off the buckle, then put it back on. I could not get the noseband low enough without lowering the blinders. Of course, every time you raise the blinder, you raise the bit too. So you have to lower that with the bottom cheekpiece buckles.

The blinders are connected to each other with a strap that has a wire in it, so you bend it to fit. The blinders would barely go wide enough. They could have been lowered one hole to help the noseband get lower, but they were already spread as wide as they would go and it I lowered them, they would sit at a wider part of his face.

Is this confusing? Yeah, I thought so too.


OnTheBit said...

very confusing...but very adorable also!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Very interesting about the driving bridle and fit. I've never seen them up close before. Thanks for sharing this.

Janow is so cute!