Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday? Again?

It's Monday again. I am almost ready for the holiday. It's a lot of work. I have also made a couple treks to my Dr. to have my knee taken care of. I have developed tendonitis. Ew.

Packages of gifts have gone out to PA, NV, NH, and NC.

I took my saddle in to have new billets put on. Then I had to go pick it up. This took time. Much less time than an injury due to the saddle falling off. Billets are vital to safety.

One of the big time suckers in my day is the computer, so I have tried to limit that. As you can tell, I have been successful.

I promised Writing and Riding that I would photograph what I thought was the ultimate fall thing. I did, and I got the photos into the computer. And then I got stuck.

There is one buckeye tree at Indian Hill Ranch where Janow is boarded. I love to see it in the fall, when the leaves are gone and just the buckeyes are hanging on it. The buckeye trees are the first to lose their leaves in the fall. Some of the trees around here still have yellow leaves that haven't fallen yet.

Here is a picture of the buckeye tree at Indian Hill. A close up of one of the buckeyes where you can see how the husk splits open so the buckeye can fall out. Often the empty husks remain on the tree until the wind blows them off. I picked one up so you can see the size of them. The color is a very rich brown and they are very smooth.

Monday is usually Bunday, so there is a bun photo too. This shows what Dave found when he pulled the sofa away from the wall to clean. Shouldn't have done that. Now that all her glorious yellow pages and newspapers are gone, Silver is working on the sofa itself.

Poor Silver became depressed and lonely. I have been spending time with her even more and she seems to be happier. Rabbits live in social groups and many people keep them in bonded pairs. Silver is an only bun. Dave would never go for a second bun, especially after the sofa incident. I could go ahead and get another bun because I am a grownup and I can do what I want, but I am also part of a family that shows respect for each other and in this I will respect Dave's need for tidiness. A lot of grownups are divorced and living alone except for buns.


Oregon Equestrian said...

So that's a buckeye! Are they used for anything? Edible? Medicinal? Other?

Living in Pac 10 country I'm familiar with the Big Ten and Ohio Buckeyes playing in the Rose Bowl. Never knew what a buckeye was. Now I'm much smarter. ;-) the "mouse pad!" How clever.

Cara said...

California buckeyes are toxic. There is a legend/folk story about using them to make the fish in a pond sick enough to float to the top where they can just be scooped up. Don't know if it's true or if I would eat a poisoned fish.

Oregon Equestrian said...

Okaaaay. Sounds like a dubious fishing technique to me.

Breathe said...

I've never seen a buckeye. Very interesting (I just read about them in an old Calvin and Hobbes cartoon).

Tidy people are tough on many levels. Fortunately I've corrupted my tidy person.