Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I have finished two pads for AP/Jump saddles, including the purple mouse pad you saaw earlier. These are the first I have finished in over a year. It's been a long year. Remember, you can click on the picture for the McGoo View.

Janow got to go outside again, finally! When it gets muddy, he gets locked in his stall. If he went out in the mud, he would make footprints in the clay. They would fill up with water that would otherwise run off. The water has time to soak in, the footprints get deeper. Soon, they are over 12 inches of sucky clay mud. Enough to suck the horseshoes right off!

Sadly, Janow is not sound without shoes in front. Phil can put new shoes on right away, but eventually, too many nail holes would weaken the foot and new shoes would not be possible.

Janow does NOT like to be stuck inside! He has a 24x48 foot paddock with a 12x12 stall in one corner. When he is stuck inside, he cannot visit over the fence with Emmitt or Cherokee. It's like solitary confinement. There is still a lot going on in The Lane, but that's not the same.


Breathe said...

I hear you on that shoe sucking stuff. I keep losing them over here and pay for darn nice shoes. So they have to be put up when the paddock becomes a black hole for shoes.

hope it drys up soon!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

I love your blankets. Very cool!@

I hope Janow feet get to feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...
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Cara said...

The deleted comment was in Russian. I had to post it to translate it. It was an advertisement for a band to play at weddings and parties. I think.

Oregon Equestrian said...

LOVE your saddle pads!

Hope the shoe situation is soon remedied. It's always an issue here in the soggy side of the PacNW.