Friday, December 05, 2008

Many Thanks to KK

Many thanks to KK for pointing out some errors in my poster. AFTER I had it printed and AFTER I had some of them laminated for outdoor posting, but BEFORE I put any up!!!! That BEFORE part is the most important!

In spite of finding that much of the time I spent was not to good use, and the money I spent on printing and laminating was wasted, She has saved me from a BIG mistake! The big mistake is the price. All the pads marked as $45 are actually forty five dollars. The pads marked as $400 or not, they are two hundred dollars. Still a lot, but my market research has shown this to be a very fair price.

To change it at this point, after the file has been sized and compressed and merged is tricky. The original layered draft has been erased. It was such a huge file that just changing the page view was taking a couple of minutes. Really. I am still learning.

Since my readers are so helpful, maybe one of you can tell me the origins of this glass. The people who owned this property before us found it and gathered it around this tree. These pieces are big. Bigger than my fist. I think they are pieces of the transformer things from old power poles. Dave says I am wrong.(Thats OK, he says that a lot! He's been arguing "corn is a vegetable" for years!) The power poles on the property are not nearly that old and were not erected to replace older ones. It sure is pretty with the light through it!

Gail, At The Farm, this ones for you!

How many people just happen to have a picture of their own outhouse in their hard drive?


Anonymous said...

Those glass chunks are thick. They could be from an insulator. They could be from glass bricks. Can't tell from the photo if there are any mold marks. The sun turns them aqua. They are too clear to be float from iron ore processing. Hmmm. Is squash a fruit or a vegetable?

allhorsestuff said...

Wow..I am so glad that I mentioned that to you Cara! $2oo is a better price!
Lovely they are and I am sure I will save for the One that I can Love to have!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What a charming little outhouse!

And gorgeous, colorful rocks, too. Wonder why they placed them around the tree? Maybe it's Kryptonite, to keep away evil villians from destroying such a lovely tree?

Too bad about your snafu signs. I hope you'll be able to get all worked out easey peasey, though.

New Mexico

Fantastyk Voyager said...

i think that glass may be "slag" glass. Check out this website for a picture of what it looks like.
This is a byproduct of glass manufacturing. I have some pieces in my fish tank that are red, yellow and greenish blue.
Lol- on the outhouse. I have a cabin and the outhouse is still used.