Thursday, May 08, 2008

and then......

I am still working on the same projects as before. I haven't finished anything, but I haven't started anything new either.

The quilt show was fun. Several people asked me about the pattern for the saddle pads. The 'pattern' is a piece of paper the size I want to make them, and I trace around it. There is not a purchased pattern with instructions. I think they were disappointed. I hope, anyway.

I hoped to have more pads done by the Indian Hill Tack Swap on Saturday. I don't think so. It isn't that important anyway.

I am going through all the family snaps, formatting for upload to snapfish and then to prints. Then I can store them on CD. Then I can take them off my hard drive. Then my computer will run faster. I hope. There are a lot. It is taking a long time. I don't like to do it.


Silver is having a good week. Read her blog at

She has pictures.

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