Saturday, January 28, 2006


A very fast week! One of the Prim-cess sweatshirts I listed on eBay sold. I think I made about a dollar on it. The $ per hour of work is abysmal. The other one didn't sell. I cant decided to relist it or not. The relisting is free if it sells the second time around, but you pay for it if it fails to sell. It's only a 70 cent listing anyway. What do you think? Should I relist it? This is a pic of it.

AntyM's Garden issued a Presidential Challenge. All the Folk-of-Art artist are invited to make something about a president, in honor of President's Day, February 20. I am working on something for the election of 1844, in which James Polk defeated Henry Clay. The plan is that we will list them all on February 4th.

The search term will be FOAF for Folk-of-Art Friends. This link will take you there:
In the meantime, it will show you all the other things this group has listed on eBay right now.
For the Folk-of-Art web site, separate from eBay:

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