Thursday, September 29, 2005

Quilt for PIQF

This quilt was accepted for final judging at Pacific International Quilt Festival. It's called Coniferous Child after the Ogden Nash Poem, Tableau at Twilight, because it reminds me of ice cream cones.
I saw a picture of a quilt made by Virginia America Stover around the turn of the century. I couldn’t find out anything about her except that she had made that quilt and many others. In spite of that, or because of that, I wanted to make a carpenter’s wheel quilt. If she knew her quilt could inspire another quilter 100 years later, what would she have thought?

Even though inspired by an old quilt, my quilt was made in 2005 and I didn’t feel that I needed to make it look like the old one. I used materials and equipment from my own time period; 30s reproduction fabrics because I liked them though the quilt I saw in the picture predated them, and newly available ‘Blendable’ thread to machine quilt it on my domestic machine. It's big, 94" x 87"

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