Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Carriages and Ulcers

I have been shopping for a carriage. Its not easy. The east coast has so many more carriages, new and used. The west coast, not so much. Surprising, a little, because there are so many driving events around Sacramento. I almost bough a Polish off-brand in VA, but it seemed more for minis ans small ponies. The seller said it was for medium to small ponies, but I think she confused VSEs with small ponies and, hence, small ponies with medium ponies. There is not much out there for medium ponies. Go too small and you cant see over the pony butts, too large and it gets to be too heavy.

I have a lead on a Hardwicke Puddle Jumper in Grass Valley, but the trainer that is helping them sell it is competing in Florida this winter. There is a three hour time gap that makes everything feel very strange. Then there is a Hans Meier that would need shipping from the east coast. But the price is very good. With either of these, if they turn out to be wring for me, I could flip them. I am almost afraid to check my email this morning.

Pepper is nearly done with her ulcer treatment program. She is having a little of her old unsoundness going on, I am not sure what to do. I signed her up for the chiropractor. Both girls need their annual dentistry.

Pepper is doing pretty well in long lining and ground driving. She can do leg yields and rollbacks. Now I am just putting miles on in ground driving. She is not very good at compliance in turns. Practice practice practice. My feet hurt. I am hoping to get my little Ballerina Girl hooked by Friday.

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brad clements said...


We saw a listing for a goat cart last fall (not quite in your league). Really wanted it but had no place to store it.

Now that we've finally cleared enough space in the barn, the seller no longer has it :-(

Good luck in your search!