Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Batik and Pony


These are in process. They didn't all come out like I hoped. I learned from them, I always do.
 Yndi improves slowly. Remembering that her mouth is light light light makes things go better. She is SO light! I don't think she is a pony I will ever be able to let anyone else drive.

We are long lining and ground driving in the round pen. We had a fantastic opportunity when we were ground driving to our lesson and we had the very worst problem, the really big deal, happen right when Amber could see, as she was working on the previous lesson. It's really hard not to look inept when you have to aim for fences or parked cars in order the whoa, and it still doesn't work.

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allhorsestuff said...

Oh! And it still didn't work..crunch ola? Glad that the master trainer was there to see and help.

The Sunflowers are truly cool..but those CARROTS divine!