Thursday, June 07, 2012


Some pictures of my friends around the ranch.

 Here is the swallows nest in Yndi's stall. This isnt where they used to put it when Janow lived here. I had to take that down for painting last fall. I put up a new shelf, but they use it as they pause, before they hop over to the new nest.
 There are three babies in here. You can see the yellow mouths.

The carrot fairy is still trying to happen.
 The goats(and some sheep) are back to remove dried grass and weeds at Ed Levin Park.

 And finally, Yndi herself. Her training is coming along well. I think maybe she will be pulling by the end of summer.
 I made her a bathroom spot with bedding peelets because the one she chose was in a bad place. Everything was rolling or running downhill into Mucha's paddock. Now she stands here and lays here when she is not eating.

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