Thursday, November 10, 2011

Carriage House

Yesterday I worked on the cover for the carraige house. When I began this project, it was going to house Janow's cart. The last time I worked on it, it was going to house Maggie's cart. You can see the inexpensive cart I got to use while I was waiting for Maggie's custom Sprint cart to be completed. It is still not completed, but I have commitment to Todd Frey so I will honor it.

I don't know if working on this is part of moving on, or what. It feels weird. But....when I get it done, the Pfaff can be put to use on saddle pads.

This cart is for sale. I am emailing with someone who responded to my craigs list ad.
Yesterday was my most productive day in a long time.

On the lighter side, Paula waiting for bread, with Lydia waiting to steal Paula's bread.

Lots of Saddle pads listed on ebay this week.

Tomorrow Joseph has a day off school. I would take him somewhere fun, but at 15, "fun" and "mom" do not happen together.

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Gail said...

Don't give up on fifteen...there will be something to do together.