Friday, September 15, 2006


I have been wanting new furniture for the living room for years. The family room sofa is to old and soft, it hurts my back to sit in it and I haven't sat there with my family since Joe was in 1st grade, now he is in 5th grade. Dave has been putting off the expense, but I said it was time.

My friend Denise went with us, we left Dave at home. He shops by price tag alone, and I needed a sofa I could sit on comfortably. It doesn't matter if it has the best price, it is a waste of money to buy it if I can't sit comfortably. For anyone who doesnt know, my back is a major problem. I have had 4 spinal fractures at four different times in my life. I have lumbar fusion between L5 and S, and spondylolesthesis between L4 and L5.

See the sign that says ROCK BOTTOM PRICES? I asked Joe if those were different prices for people with rocky bottoms and did he think I qualified. He just rolled his eyes, like "I can't take you anywhere!" We took the camera shopping with us to take photos of sofas and the price tags, so Dave could see them and not feel too left out. We sat on a lot of sofas. I thought we were lost in IKEA, but Denise said they make you walk around a lot to get out, so youwill see something you can't live without. It didn't work.

It was a fun afternoon.

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